The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas

A member of Relais&châteaux hotel resort located at Yomitan Peninsula of Okinawa.

Undoubtedly, this is the most expensive resort I've ever stayed. Quite peaceful and secluded place with perfect butler service. I definitely recommend this resort if you're travelling in Okinawa.

My girlfriend and I arrived here around afternoon 15:00 on Aug 17th. Concierge sweated but still with warmest smile to take over our luggages and car key smoothly like we're just back home. It's sunny summer day, hotel offered us welcome drink to cool down. A gentle butler looks like 50 years old Japanese who speaking English led us through corridor to lobby and then kneeling nearby our sitting sofa, did check-in for us with nice tone.

The ceiling fan in the lobby rotates slowly, the sea breeze blows through the lobby from time to time as well. After confirmed our passport and booking, he said we got a free upgrade to two twins bed room which could stay 4 person. It's really suprised for us since it's larger than our initial booking room type almost 50 square-meters above.

He drived a shuttle cart and brought us to villa room 610. It's over 200 square-meters room with a private pool, two bedrooms with individual bathtub and shower. The mirror in bathroom was too huge and bright to expose the body defects, but I still took many selfie there. ^_^

A big dining room with long table, there were several craft products on the niche just like a home decoration style. Not only microwave and refrigerator but also a washing machine in the dining room. I believe Japanese housewife definitely like this style resort to spend weekend here with hubby and kids.

Night falls, I was swimming naked in the pool, looked up the sky, I could see the star was shinning, I could hear the flowing water surrounded me. It's really unforgettable experience to me.

A comfortable travel cannot without an impressive stay environment. I don't want to use "Luxury" to describe this resort. I would rather say it's just like home with comfortable, warm and private atmosphere. Although I only stayed here for one night, but it's really happy and relax stay...

Resort Address:
The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas
630-1 Uza, Yomitan-son, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa 904-0328 Japan

Service: 10
Facilities: 10
Gear: Pictures 1/3/7/8/9 were taken by iPhone, others were taken by Canon.

The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas


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